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Saturday, 31 March 2012
bestfriends this weekend..


woww! my blog soooo dusty! hikhik.. well, proud to say that this sunday, i will sit for OTI 1 examination.. therefore, bookkkssss are my truly BFF!! hehehe.. this examination is quite important lahhh.. actually, semua exam penting untuk candidates macam kak yan and others form3 students... 

hope this exam i can get A in English since the last exam i managed get 77.. literature always get on my nerves!! urghhh.. for the last exam i've managed to get 5As 4Bs, quite severe right? the B's came from Sc, Kh*which is Teknikal*, English*again* and mathematics.. getting B for mathematics was a heartbroken.. krakk krakkk! 

till then..boboy! 

yanie 01:29