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Monday, 26 November 2012


 boring . 


damn right! :P



let me tell ya. its kinda funny yaw, the secret was tightly kept by her and finally she told me. 'bout the incident and the implication behind it. it was all funny and we're still find the reasons behind all this incident. ihikss ihikss. ;p 

first, love your mom like i do. heee~
and for the second one,! i have no idea whether want to trust it or not as i always dream of him, he missed me? it can't be! ahakss, so don't trust it laahh. #ehh 

ameen. ;') 

and i just love this tweet! :)

until then, toodles! 

yanie 23:30

Monday, 12 November 2012
finally updated!


hey guys. happy holidays! cheer up. leave all those homework and all kinda things that can make you tension. its holidays babeh, so do enjoy yourself like i do. hehhh.

 everyday was holiday for me though its not holiday but generally a holiday for me you get it? steady. 

guess im back into blogging after months of....silence? yay me! I've been pretty busy lately. I mean very very very busy. kesibukan aku ni kalah Datin Maimun so all of you can call me Datin Sri Paduka Suriani. sounds awesome aite? hehehe.

 I'm bloody tired this past months, aku tak berapa nak cukup tidur plus ada eyebag timbul. guess i looked like a retarded cow. MOO PEOPLE, MOO! 

okay back to the main point. hehehe.

eh eh eh sorry for the unfriend. sorry for the blocked. sorry for everything, yess i did those things ON PURPOSED. problem maa? i don't even have the intention to add you as my friend back. somebody please witnessed that powerful words. jyeahh.

I'm started to hate you. well, most people said 'jangan terlalu benci, nanti jatuh sayang'. oh ya? that was irrelevant. those such things tak wujud pun dalam dunia. i guess. yelahh, how come orang yang kita benci jadi sayang? how come huh? HOW COME? i guess, orang yang cipta perkataan tu surely addicted to novel. repeated, addicted. *grin*

okay stop. 

MAKTAB RENDAH SAINS MARA. 28th November 2012, aku akan menduduki ujian kemasukan nyaa pun. baru ujian kemasukan, tak confirm lagi. dekat ujian ni kena obtain the highest mark berroo. and guess what? i did nothing. not prepared anything. nothing at all bak kata abang brunomars. hikhikhik

okay macam dah mengantuk gila kan? hahaha. dari tadi I'm yawning. 

buzz of excitement~

yanie 08:16