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Thursday, 30 August 2012
/an awful 3 words with 8 alphabets/


*grin just like Joker*

i just deactive my facebook account for certain reasons. 

sambutan hari raya di TePCES amatlah best pada permulaan. mama masiah panggil aku "cik suuu" woahh! nasib tak "puan" eh? 

aku malas nak cerita pasal orang gila yang gila pergi masuk dalam kawasan sekolah aku dalam keadaan yang menggilakan dan hampir membuatkan semua pelajar gila dengan menjerit seperti orang tak berapa gila. 

aku pun malas nak cerita pasal suasana sambutan hari raya tu.aku tak suka apa yang aku tengok.  aku pun jadilah pemalas buat sementara waktu. #blushing


 aku malas nak ingat apa yang aku baca tadi. 

aku dah malas nak cerita. bye! *berjalan dengan malasnya ke katil* 

about the title, dont ask me. i am too lazy to answer that quest. 

yanie 08:25

Sunday, 5 August 2012
shared something ツ

the hectic week has ended. relief.,  now im struggling for my incoming PMR. the most important exam for lower form. wait. am I struggling? like what i just said just now? actually, nope! not really. by the way! happy fasting everybody *Muslims* . so hows your day? exhausted babeh? auuuuwww. #aku menggile. 0.o


I've becoming super slothful lately.  i got addicted to twitter day by days. i jumped on my computer when i got home and started to tweet something unimportant. i really really need to change my behavior. its suck. doesnt it?

 lemma told you.

i just managed to score 6As on my mid-year examination whereas 9 of my friends managed to score straight As. shame on me. ;( . astaghfirullah.

so, today. i got my result for Trial. three subjects. unexpected. these are Allah tests. . alhamdulillah. for history. i love youu babeh! hihihi. for Geography, alhamdulillah. and for PAI, jatuh debok lah pulaks. huish. gua kena buat pembetulan satu kertas woooo! well, i didnt manage to score 90s and above so i NEED to do the correction though i dont feel i wanna do it. #ape yang aku bolok nie?

to Nurul Nadhirah, be tough babeh. insyaAllah for the incoming PMR, 9As will be yours. ours would be appropriate. kan? insyaAllah. ehemm,*fix necktie* 20 persons got As in mathematics for 3 Excellent. am I one of them? am I am I am IIIII? *muka desperate* i hope so. *murmur ad-du'a*

you know what? im scared. 'SCIENCE'. <---- it disturbed mehh. im not really really confident to score A in 'SCIENCE' as the questions ALMOST makes me insane. i said ALMOST, not insane yet. wanna puke? #tetibe . that 3 Brilliant girl indeed a brilliant girl. 95% in science. i envy.  *reverse glance*

for this trial, i dont want to target how much A i want to pick. i just wanna see the results. i scared. too much.  can someone hug me? you!*point to someone/somebody that read this post* yes please, please give me your warm hug. *peek-a-boo* . joking. dont take it serious. or else, i'll karate you until your teeth lying on your bed. kejam tak kejam tak? hik3

tomorrow is the day where Al-Quran was given to our prophet Muhammad pbuh. :) moga kita mendapat syafaat dengan selalu mengingati baginda Rasulullah.

the holy Al-Quran. 

the one who spread his love to us. Allah  lover. 

assalamualaikum and 'lailan said'. 

yanie 09:55