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Thursday, 26 April 2012
be strong


so here i go again. letting my chubby fingers typing whatever i want. *yawn*

today i got my ranking and Alhamdulillah..

now 7:08 p.m. and about half an hour ago, i got new friend..via facebook of course.. a girl for sure.. hey darl! nice to meet you yeahh! i wonder if she had find my blog or not.. *sigh*

sorry for the broken English, well, im not belllii good with that stuffy. .heheh..

new adik sedare.. best friends, still the same.. crush, still the same.. ehh crush! awak sungguh comell harini..* i wish i could tell you, i mean yeahh, messaging maybe? urghh, even his number pom none of my friends ade* okayy stop berangan yanie!

sometimes we need friends to share our problem. a friend that can understand us. BFF i mean.
i dont know why i am sooo 'katangg' to go through this although sometimes i shed my tears before i went to sleep. my friend keep telling me that i was a strong girl as i could go through this test well. yeahh! i know im strong but that just exterior not interior.  

i know Allah will always stay by my side whenever, wherever I need Him. 

i know Allah will listen to all of his servant's sigh cause He is Ar-Rahim

i know Allah know something that I dont know, something about my feeling.

Allah had arranged everything, and everything happens for reasons. 

saya cari 'chat' kite yang duluu, but i can't find it.. its missing.. #weirdo

till then, toodles!

yanie 09:05