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Sunday, 5 August 2012
shared something ツ

the hectic week has ended. relief.,  now im struggling for my incoming PMR. the most important exam for lower form. wait. am I struggling? like what i just said just now? actually, nope! not really. by the way! happy fasting everybody *Muslims* . so hows your day? exhausted babeh? auuuuwww. #aku menggile. 0.o


I've becoming super slothful lately.  i got addicted to twitter day by days. i jumped on my computer when i got home and started to tweet something unimportant. i really really need to change my behavior. its suck. doesnt it?

 lemma told you.

i just managed to score 6As on my mid-year examination whereas 9 of my friends managed to score straight As. shame on me. ;( . astaghfirullah.

so, today. i got my result for Trial. three subjects. unexpected. these are Allah tests. . alhamdulillah. for history. i love youu babeh! hihihi. for Geography, alhamdulillah. and for PAI, jatuh debok lah pulaks. huish. gua kena buat pembetulan satu kertas woooo! well, i didnt manage to score 90s and above so i NEED to do the correction though i dont feel i wanna do it. #ape yang aku bolok nie?

to Nurul Nadhirah, be tough babeh. insyaAllah for the incoming PMR, 9As will be yours. ours would be appropriate. kan? insyaAllah. ehemm,*fix necktie* 20 persons got As in mathematics for 3 Excellent. am I one of them? am I am I am IIIII? *muka desperate* i hope so. *murmur ad-du'a*

you know what? im scared. 'SCIENCE'. <---- it disturbed mehh. im not really really confident to score A in 'SCIENCE' as the questions ALMOST makes me insane. i said ALMOST, not insane yet. wanna puke? #tetibe . that 3 Brilliant girl indeed a brilliant girl. 95% in science. i envy.  *reverse glance*

for this trial, i dont want to target how much A i want to pick. i just wanna see the results. i scared. too much.  can someone hug me? you!*point to someone/somebody that read this post* yes please, please give me your warm hug. *peek-a-boo* . joking. dont take it serious. or else, i'll karate you until your teeth lying on your bed. kejam tak kejam tak? hik3

tomorrow is the day where Al-Quran was given to our prophet Muhammad pbuh. :) moga kita mendapat syafaat dengan selalu mengingati baginda Rasulullah.

the holy Al-Quran. 

the one who spread his love to us. Allah  lover. 

assalamualaikum and 'lailan said'. 

yanie 09:55