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Tuesday, 4 December 2012
family vacation ; pictures edition

Assalamualaikum .

so, im just coming back from our year-end family vacation. 4 days 3 nights, we stayed at menara polo, kl.

kinda exhausted but we enjoyed our family trip! and fyi, we always organized le family trip setiap tahun. sila jeles cepat! ahhaaaa, kidding.

so, this entry i posted photos jee, well, let pictures tell you every single things. :)


motive? when i get thirsty, give me these kind of drink. *grin*
one is habib's and one is mine! 

so this is ahmad habib. ehemm, control handsome sokmo sokmooo! dushh dushh

here come our baby nisriena adila. 1 year old girl. my family called her 'teletubbies' as
she is a quite little girl but extremely nakal woaaa. 

another baby, aireen irdina. 6 months old. 

the kids at national zoo. the only boy there named ariq ziqri. 

blue; nisriena ashiekin. grey; anis sofia. pink scarf; achik. purple scarf; maksuu.~ 
grey shirts; paksuu

me with mah beloved mummy! ahmad habib with cik zan. 
black at the back; ayah chik. 

motive muka camtu? paksu was trying to make his face exactly same as the orang utan behind him. 

#boysgenerations. muka legend, dalam hati ada rama2. =='

taken at suriani klcc. 

hai kami merempat di tepi gantang. #ehh 

sila ignore muka saya yang comel lagi the booomm tuu. #kperasan

i love this one. guy with red cap known as; hello amir, black T-shirts; harum aziz and
red shirts was anuarzri zain. don't you recognize them? popular artis in Abdullah's. 

family. ade lagi yang tak sempat ambik gambar. ziqri buat peace kali 5. ==' 

and thats it! its done, nak gambar yang lebih lanjut? tak payahhh. penat meng-upload. anw, more pictures with cik zan and ayah chik. :) 

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